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For the prints and artist's books listed below copies are still available. If you require further information, or should like to place an order, please contact me by e-mail or by phone.

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Catalog number Price (euro) Title Year Edition Size/Presentation Publisher Description
23-25100 per copy, 275 per series About Impotence I, II and III 1974 75 50 x 50 cm
(40 x 40 cm)
33-51500 per cassette Franz K. 1975 50 as cassette, 70 in total 30 x 30 cm   cassette with 19 prints on life and work of Franz Kafka
76-79140 per copy, 500 per series Franz K.2 1979 60 50 x 50 cm   series of 4 prints on the life of Franz Kafka
8475 per copy Naxan Still Life 1980 150 35 x 35 cm    
116-120150 per copy Series of Landscapes and Buildings - blowing away, escaping and passing 1984 50 65 x 50 cm    
180-184140 per copy The Earth here has silent Power 1988 70 of which 20 in cassette 56 x 76 cm    
186-187300 per diptych Arc de Triomphe 1989 70 76 x 56 cm Printed and published by Gustafsson i Hishult, Sweden diptych
188-19675 per copy, 550 per series Hills, Shadows 1990 50 29.3 x 20.5 cm   portfolio with nine prints
197-199140 per copy Out of the Shadows I, II and III 1991 50 76 x 56 cm    
200-206400 per portfolio One must have a mind of winter 1992       seven prints with poetry fragments from the work of Wallace Stevens, loose-leaf in portfolio, printed by Machiel Landsaat, Amsterdam
207-208100 per copy, 180 per series Rocks / Hills 1992 70 57 x 76 cm Printed and published by Gustafsson i Hishult, Sweden  
209140 per copy The Sky, the Bridge, the Mountains, the Valley 1993 50 56 x 38 cm   a tribute to Gao Qipei (1660-1734)
210-211150 per copy, 275 per series If Stones had Souls 1994 50 35 x 100 cm    
216-227500 per copy Undefinable 1994   bound Derby Pier, Amsterdam 12 screenprints, texts letterpress printed by Rob Cox
228-231100 per copy, 350 per series The Landscape and the Wind I, II, III, IV 1995 50 38 x 26 cm    
233-234175 per copy Somewhere, nowhere / River in the Form of a Boat 1996 40 85 x 120 cm    
237-238140 per copy, 250 per series Desert Boat and Research 1998 40 50 x 65.5 cm    
239-24075 per copy Desert Boat II and Research (Sturt) 1998 40 17.5 x 21 cm    
242-249500 per copy Sturt 1999 VII en 25 50.5 x 33 cm Derby Pier, Amsterdam eight prints in bound volume with explanatory texts, screenprinted cover
253-259500 per copy Travelling backwards 2001 40 leporello, unfolded 22 x 266 cm, in cover: 23 x 22 cm Derby Pier, Amsterdam Piezoprint: Bernard Ruygrok, cover: Studio Kadra, Amsterdam
260-263120 per copy Holterdiepolder/Holderdepolder 2003 50 loose-leaf in cover, four sheets unfolded: 29.6 x 42 cm, cover: 30.4 x 21.5 cm Derby Pier, Amsterdam four poems by Richard Pietraß (Berlin) with a Dutch translation by Stefaan van den Bremt (Brussels) with screenprints by Hans Landsaat. Screenprinted by Kees Maas (Amsterdam), cover folded by Annelies Grimbergen/Studio Kadra (Amsterdam)
264-269350 per copy Water 2007 40
(+ 5 hc.)
sheet size 19x37 cm, print size 19x30 cm, linen cover 19x37 cm Derby Pier, Amsterdam Semi-bound volume with 6 prints, titled: the ditch, the bridge, the canal; the river; the lake; the estuary; the coast, the sea; the ocean.
The prints are interleaved with sheets containing text fragments from poems by Rutger Kopland, Shu Shi, Abert Caeiro (Fern. Pessoa), Gao Qipei, Jorge Luis Borges, T.S. Eliot, Cees Nooteboom and Hans Faverey.
A text fragment from Moby Dick by Herman Melville serves as introduction.
Piezoprinted by Bernard Ruijgrok Piëzografie (Amsterdam), cover and binding by Studio Kadra (Amsterdam)
unnumbered150 per copy Vanwege Sebald 2019 35
(+ 5 hc.)
folded 14,8 x 21 cm, total length 14,8 x 421 cm
Derby Pier, Amsterdam Eight fragments of Sebald's poetry served as source for eight prints.
The publication was produced by Ruijgrok Piëzografie in Amsterdam, 2018/19. The paper is 215 grs. Innova IFA24, the print designs are in watercolour and India ink. The font used is Garamond.
The publication was supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.
Catalog number Price (euro) Title Year Edition Size/Presentation Publisher Description
31-33100 per copy, 250 per series About Impotence I, II and III   30 48 x 48 cm    
34-4280 per copy The Past dreaming 1995 XII and 200 55 pages, 25.5 x 17.5 cm Derby Pier, Amsterdam 26 poems by Helmut Levy with eight linocuts, printed and bound by Rob Cox
43-50100 per copy Derby Pier Squared Cahier 1998 120 41 pages, 21 x 21 cm Derby Pier, Amsterdam with photographs by Joanne Schurer and Hans Landsaat, printed by SSP, Amsterdam, texts by Joanne Schurer and Hans Landsaat (letterpress: Rob Cox) and a loose-leaf set of eight linocuts

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